Copy AIP Switzerland from CD to AirNavPro and GoodReader on your iPad/iPhone

March 7, 2012

The good news: Skyguide has finally released after many years waiting, an electronic version of the swiss VFR AIP.

The bad news: The AIP is only available on a monthly release-CD, which is quite old-style in a modern “online”-world.

The purpose of this post is to simplify the process if you want to transfer the most important pdf-files included on the CD  to your iPhone or iPad.

I wrote an AppleScript to prepare all the files for transfer, which means that this solution only works on a Mac. Sorry for the Windows users.

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Copy VAC-charts from the iVAC app to AirNavPro app

February 26, 2011

Nicolas & Marc Dahlet have made a very good app for the iPhone/iPad, which is called iVAC. The app downloads the official VAC-charts from the french SIA-Website.

The app is very useful for every pilot who flies in France, since the app keeps the charts always up to date.

So, what’s the problem?

But some pilots are using in flight for navigation purpose another very interesting app called AirNavPro.

The iPad/iPhone are able to have a sort of multitasking since release 4.2, but if you want to look at a chart in iVAC while running AirNavPro, you’ll have to switch back and forth from one app to the other.

AirNavPro has the possibility to show VAC-charts within the app and since your actual location is displayed on the map, you may just click on a nearby airport to be able to have a look at the corresponding VAC. You don’t have to search manually in another application to find the VAC of the desired airport.

How can you copy VAC from the iVAC app to the AirNavPro app?

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Copy VAC-charts to AirNavPro on iPad/iPhone

February 25, 2011

Air Navigation Pro from Xample is a “must”-App for Sport pilots. The price of USD 37.99 (Feb’2011) is on the lower side for this kind of applications.

You can use it on both iPhone and iPad with the same licence.

The app is very well documented and the developer is very reactive.

It is possible to view VAC-charts (pdf-files) from within the app, so you don’t need to leave the app during flight.

What is the problem?

Because the VAC-charts are associated to an airport, each chart needs to be in a separate PDF-file and these files need to be in separate folders:

  • Example: Airport LFMD (Cannes-Mandelieu)
  • Folder: “LFMD”
  • File: “LFMD (Cannes-Mandelieu).pdf”

While this folder structure is necessary if you manage various charts for the same airport (e.g. VFR & IFR-charts), it makes it more difficult to manage the files.

The following document describes how to procede to get the PDF-files in a right way to AirNavPro.

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Copy VAC-charts (PDF) from your PC/Mac to GoodReader on your iPad/iPhone easily

February 25, 2011

The iPad and iPhone have some limitations, when it comes to copy a hugh amount of files from a PC to the iPad/iPhone.

In a previous post I explained how I convert VAC-charts from JeppView to PDF-files including automatic Bookmarks for each airport.

The purpose of this post is to explain how I can copy these in a fast way to GoodReader on my iDevice.

There are several ways to do so:

There are certainly other ways, but in my opinion these are the most common solutions.

The good point about these solutions is, that they are all available for Mac & PC.

Another nice point is that none of these solutions requires to jailbreak your iDevice.

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Convert VAC-charts from JeppView to PDF-files with bookmarks

February 23, 2011


The instructions found in the following post were first published in the german-speaking Forum “Flightforum.ch”.
Most instructions were defined by the author himself (kerosin), but some instruction were published by Nick, another member of that forum (nick03).

The main goal of this document is to collect, translate and group all instructions in a common document.

The initial reason to provide these instructions was the lack of application from Jeppesen for the Apple iPad.

Jeppesen has released in the mean time an application (JeppTC), which enables pilots to view the JeppView airport charts on their iPad.

But other applications like “Air Navigation Pro” or “GoodReader” can still make use of the PDF-files generated using the following instructions.

This post describes a way to generate PDF-files with automatic Bookmarks for each airport from within JeppView.
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